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Pain't It Cool Body Art

Glitter Tattoo Info:

Glitter tattoos are applied with latex free, FDA approved, hypoallergenic body glue and cosmetic grade glitter.

We apply most glitter tattoos free hand, but some are done with stencils.  The use of stencils is typical for larger events where many designs have to get done in a short time frame.

You can wash your hands and play immediately after your tattoo is applied.

Glitter tattoos typically last 3-7 days!

Booking Info: 

*Hourly rate is $125 per hour and includes the following for you to choose from (based on the needs for your event):

  1.) Stencils (very simple, one color designs 20 per/hour)

  2.) Basic  (simple, one color designs 12-15 per/hour)

  3.) Deluxe (More detailed designs 8-10 per/hour) 

  4.) Super Deluxe (Very detailed designs 4-6 per/hour)

  5.) You can add on Face Paint and/or Henna for $20 more per hour for each           additional service  (i.e.: $145 per hour for henna and face paint, $165 per           hour for henna, face paint, and glitter tattoos)

*We will work with you to come up with awesome designs to fit your theme and make sure everyone gets a design in the time allotted.

*2 Hour Minimum Required to Book Event

​* 50% Non Refundable Booking Fee and Service Agreement Required to book event

*Contact us to book your event today!